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$5 Accessories 💍

Fuzzy PomPom Keychains $5.00
 Super cute and super fuzzy...what else needs to be said?!  
Mini Journal w/ Fuzzy Pen $5.00
These are a must have for all of the boss babes and dolls on the go! These cute little journals are perfect to keep in your purse, in your car, next to your bed...pretty much anywhere you may need to write a quick note, reminder, or number down. 
Sold out
Butterfly Hair Clips (6 ct.) $5.00
These are the cutest little hair clips that are sure to make any outfit and hairstyle pop! 
-50% sale
Butterfly Bling $5.00 $10.00
The "Butterfly Bling" choker is super cute, super flashy, yet super simple. It's the perfect addition to any outfit.
Sold out
“Stacked” Multilayered Ne... $5.00
The “Stacked” multilayered necklace has 4 rows of separate cuteness that all come together with a gold clasp. This necklace will save you plenty of time and frustration while still proving the look of wearing multiple necklaces at once!
Butterfly Bucket Hat $5.00
Our take on the classic bucket hat...of course we had to make it pink and add butterflies. What else would you expect from us??
Sold out -80% sale
22 piece Makeup Brush set $5.00 $25.00
Our 22 piece makeup brush set has all the essential brushes that you need for a full beat and then some!
“Queen” Headband $5.00
The “Queen” headband is embroidered with hundreds of pink faux pearls that’s sure to add that extra pizazz and finishing touch to all of your looks! 
“Glitzy” Face Mask $5.00
The "Glitzy" face mask is the perfect addition if you want to add a little razzle to your dazzle!
Sold out
Masked Up $5.00
It's an essential part of every outfit now...get it!
Sold out
The Lash Pack $5.00
Our lash pack comes with a super cute white quilted carrying case with 2 pairs of mink eyelashes and a full size tube of lash glue. 
“Sweet Talk” Face Mask $5.00
The "Sweet Talk" face mask is made out of a comfortable and breathable materiel. It also has adjustable straps.

$10 Handbags 👛

Sold out -72% sale
Plush Crossbody $10.00 $34.99
Fuzzy wuzzy was our "Plush" cross body. This Super soft clutch style bag can also be worn off the shoulder. It has a removable gold chain if your want to carry just as a clutch. Its safe to say this bag is very versatile and can be dressed up or down.
Sold out
Baby Doll $10.00
Smooth Tender PVC Material Detachable and Adjustable Long Strap Magnetic Flap Open Closure Soft Inside Lining 8.25(W) X 2.75(D) X 5.5(H) inch
Sold out
Tender Jelly Crossbody $10.00
Smooth Tender PVC Material Adjustable Long Chain Strap Twist Lock Closure with Flap 8.3(W) X 2.7(D) X 4.7(H) inch
Sold out
Mini Jelly Bean $10.00
Smooth Tender PVC Material Detachable Long Chain Zipper Top Closure 7.5(W) X 4.5(D) X 5.5(H) inch
Sold out
Jelly Bean Crossbody Bag $10.00
The "Jelly Bean" crossbody bag has a quilted look and texture with a gold twisted lock and classic style chain.
Pink Ice $10.00
100% Acrylic Detachable Chain Strap Snap Click Lock Open Closure 4.2(W) X 4.6(D) x 6(H)

$10 Shoes 👡

Pink Fuzzy Slides $10.00
Check our classic Fuzzy slides. True to size and super comfortable.
“Gum Drop” Quilted Slides $10.00
The “Gum Drop” Quilted slides are a must have for those nice summer days. These are perfect to throw on when running errands but still giving what needs to be gave. They pair well with jeans. 
2 Chains $10.00
The “2 Chains” slides are a must have for those nice summer days. These are perfect to throw on when running errands but are still elegant enough to be dressed up if need be. 
-75% sale
Mob Ties $10.00 $40.00
The “Mob Ties” platform sandals are made from a soft, comforter foam and are bedazzled with sparkling crystals all around the base. 
-75% sale
Double Trouble $10.00 $40.00
Very elegant, yet very functional, the “Double Trouble” flats can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and give the impression of wearing heels with out all of the hassle and discomfort. These go great with bottoms and dresses that stop above the knee. 
-67% sale
Rainbow Gliders $10.00 $30.00
These multicolored slides can be paired with just about any color outfit which make than a must have staple in your closet! 

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